Selling my Timeshare

Sell your Timeshare

 No up-front fees EVER!

Red Time Realty  LLC offers you a free listing with no upfront listing cost to you.

Let the experienced real estate professionals do the work and find a buyer for your timeshare interval.  We never charge an upfront fee to list and market your ownership.  We work closely with you, the buyer and the closing company to ensure a smooth professional process.

Be very cautious about the phone calls you get promising you a large dollar amount for your timeshare, the caller has a buyer just waiting to buy, and you only have to pay an upfront closing cost or listing fee and its a deal!  After you pay this upfront fee the incentive to find a buyer is gone, and you will never hear from him again.

Whatever a buyer will pay, and whatever other sellers will accept is what your ownership is worth in todays market.  Be realistic in comparing other list prices, because what a timeshare is listed for is not always what a timeshare is sold for.


Contact one of our Licensed Real Estate agents who are well versed in the resale market and resale value.   Click here  to request a Non-Exclusive Listing Agreement or call 808 331-0882.