Kona Billfisher

Kona Billfisher – the best kept secret in timeshare today!!

The Kona Billfisher is one of the very few timeshare projects where ownership includes 1/12 of title to a single unit and is fee simple.  1/12 ownership is a 4 week increment starting at the 15th of one month and ending on the 13th of the next month. Time periods are designated by Alpha starting with A = Jan/Feb, B= Feb/Mar , etc, through L=Dec/Jan.  All owners belong to the AOAO and pay a yearly maintenance fee.  Owners also vote for members of the Board of Directors. Each ownership is a fixed time in a fixed unit.  A great way to own a little piece of the “island” and not break the bank or get bogged down by full ownership in taking care of a property that you will only use for one month anyway.

Kona Billfisher is located across the street from the ocean, walking distance to the shops and boutiques of Kona town, wonderful restaurants, and some of the best “happy hours” right on the beach. The Kailua pier is just blocks away for swimming, kayaking, snorkeling or stand up paddling.  On-site amenities include a heated pool, covered gazebo for dining and socializing, two BBW areas, ping pong and horseshoes, air conditioning, fully equipped kitchens, and laundry onsite. One and two bedroom units are available and come with plenty of onsite parking.

Current inventory below can change daily, please call our licensed sales agents for the most current availability, 808 331-0882.


A = Jan/Feb    U-3         $21,000   one bedroom

A=Jan/Feb W2             $25,000 one bedroom

B=Feb/Mar    V-3        $25,000 one bedroom  – SOLD

C=Mar/Apr  J-2           $12,000 one bedroom

C=Mar/Apr M-3           $18,500 one bedroom Price Change $16500

C Mar/Apr U-2            $12,000 one bedroom Price Change $11000

D-Apr/May H-2            $12,000 one bedroom

D=Apr/May  C-3         $18,500  one bedroom

D=Apr/May O-1         $12,500 one bedroom  –Price Change $10,000

D=Apr/May F-3         $18,000 one bedroom

D=Apr/May D-3        $10,000 one bedroom

D=Apr/May R-1.       $11,900 one bedroom

E- May/Jun  N-3        $7500 one bedroom

E-May/Jun  A-1         $19,900  two bedroom

E=May/Jun K-2         $8000 one bedroom

F=Jun/Jul   T-3         $13,750  two bedroom   

F=Jun/Jul  N-2          $10,000 one bedroom

G=Jul/Aug   R-3       $18,000  one bedroom

G=Jul/Aug. F-3      $12,000 one bedroom

H=Aug/Sep   A-1      $25,000  two bedroom

H=Aug/Sep   T-2      $11,000  two bedroom

H=Aug/Sep  K-2      $7200 one bedroom

H=Aug/Sep D-3       $9500 one bedroom

H=Aug/Sept. V-1     $8000 one bedroom

I=Sep/Oct  E-3     $7900 one bedroom Price Change $6500

I=Sep/Oct  P-2     $12,000 one bedroom

I=Sep/Oct S-3    $10,000 one bedroom

I=Sep/Oct C-3    $10,000 one bedroom SOLD

J=Oct/Nov C-1      $8500 one bedroom. SOLD

K=Nov/Dec G-2   $10,000 one bedroom

K=Nov/Dec  X-2    $12,000 one bedroom

K=Nov/Dec B-3    $15,000 one bedroom

K=Nov/Dec G-3    $19,000 one bedroom

K=Nov/Dec M3   $12,000 one bedroom

K=Nov/Dec C-3  $10,000 one bedroom

L=Dec/Jan  C-1    $20,000 one bedroom


One bedroom annual maintenance fees for all 4 weeks – $1437.03

Two bedroom annual maintenance fees for all 4 weeks – $1916.02

Attention Kona Billfisher owners:  If you are thinking about selling, we have cash buyers looking for the following inventory.  Call Jim at 808 331-0882 or email him at jim@redtimerealty.com.

                     1.  K time, buildings F thru N prefer first floor

                     2.  D or E time, S or K building

                    3.   I or J time, S or K building

Call Cindy at 808 331-0882 or email cindy@redtimerealty.  Cindy has cash buyer looking the following:

                      1.  A or B time


RENTALS:   call Red Time Realty  (808 331-0882) for units and dates available to RENT at the Kona Billfisher!!

For Rent:    

Feb 15 to Mar 13 one bedroom

Feb 15 to Mar 6 one bedroom

Mar 15 to Apr 13 one bedroom

May 15 to June 13 one bedroom

Jun 15 to Jul 13 one bedroom

Jun 15 to Jul 13 two bedroom

August 15 to Sept 13 one bedroom

Call Darrah at 808 785-4122 for rental rates or click link for availability


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